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Çarşamba, Aralık 14, 2005

An Early Assessment of Tooki's Execution

San Quentin, CA: Yes, this was a vigil; it was swept like rain with sadness and anguish. I had to turn my back. I've been near men already dead many times, but I'd never been so knowingly close to a man dying. Tooki was executed behind a wall of thuggery that is miles deep. I saw grown men cry. I saw anger in women's faces that I don't care to see often. That said, I also saw a fucking circus with everything but the corndogs. Bearded-lady newscasters and radio personalities with more makeup than 5 drag queens. I saw them clowns too.

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I was an eyewitness, but also a journalist. Ethics of involvement simply recede at such times when a man is taken out by process. They might as well have hung the man like a witch from a high tree. That was a fact. Going there with a fellow writer, I expected the moment to be sombre. It wasn't. It was jovial on both sides: the Free-ers and the Fry-ers. But a man died that night and I found myself wondering if his spirit missed living yet. Each of us must go through such a longing when we die at first, I suppose.

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There were young people everywhere. The young can't help but be a hearty parade in the name of Life. They were there, wide-eyed and raw. A crew of 6 early-twenties kids, going on forty, stormed off accosting every TV camera poor enough to be on.

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Still, for those of you that might have found this grotesque affair cute, or saw it as some thing resembling justice, here's a survey I did of the crowd. I asked people their spirituality and then if they would ever justify killing anyone. Here's the data:

ATHEISTS: These insisted "never" generally
BUDDISTS: Most said "Yes. In many lives if necessary."
MUSLIMS: "Whatever Allah requires."
CHRISTIANS: "It's more a question of 'Whom wouldn't I kill?'."
HINDU: "If they rob my store one more time, I will kill all of them."
MISCELLANEOUS: "It definitely seems to be in our nature."

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On that note: know that you are blessed with every night you get away with alive. Some of the Clear Channel news-stooges that went talking smack to OG crips for sound-bytes won't likely be as fortunate, y'all.


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